Press Release:The K-HERO Project Wants You to Join the Fight Against Cancer.


March 8, 2013 – Chicago, Illinois – K-HERO Clothing a Cancer awareness brand launched an crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to support it’s fight against Cancer.  Indiegogo an industry-leading crowdfunding platform gives a unique opportunity to K-HERO to further it’s goals of; Increasing Cancer Awareness, and Funding Cancer Research.  The campaign can be found at Through this campaign K-HERO hope to increase it’s profile and it’s ability to help raise cancer awareness and fund cancer research.

“The more t-shirts K-HERO sells, the more money we can give to the people doing the most important research to cure cancer.”  Said Brent Magnussen K-HERO founder “Wear a statement, and make a difference.  Join the fight against cancer!”

With the funds raised K-HERO will update it’s eCommerce system and build a cutting edge interactive website, increase standing inventory and create new designs for men, women, and kids. These designs will be done by young hungry designers who are just starting out and have not had a chance to shine in the industry. K-HERO will give them that chance. K-HERO will offer new designs on  t-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, and other apparel by May of this year.

K-HERO also intends to purchase the necessary equipment to print it’s own shirts. As a company we want to give you the best product possible and by controlling every step in the t-shirt printing process we know you will be getting the highest quality apparel. This will save K-HERO money and increase the increase the funding we can contribute to the people doing the most advanced work in cancer research.

Tell your friends and co-workers about The K-HERO Project. Tell anyone you know that has been affected by cancer and make some noise about our campaign.  Join the Fight, and help support K-HERO and the fight against cancer.!


K-HERO Clothing Company was inspired by Karen Magnussen who fought stage 4 cancer for 4 years. She was amazing and her fight inspired her son Brent to start K-HERO Clothing to continue her fight against cancer in the same way. Fearless, with a smile, positive, and never quitting… in 2009 after a courageous struggle Karen Magnussen lost her fight with cancer, but the memory of her struggle lives on in K-HERO Clothing .