Platform Review: Pozible

Summary: Pozible is a crowdfunding platform for creative-minded individuals looking to raise funds, realize their aspirations, and make great ideas become a reality. Project creators are able to present their visions to a worldwide audience, as the platform recently went global.

Best Feature: Unlike some of the other crowdfunding platforms, Pozible offers a variety of resources to help their users succeed. The Pozible Handbook provided by the team includes guidelines for before you start, how to set up your campaign, what to do during your campaign, and where to go after your campaign. Furthermore, the site provides a helpful blog with crowdfunding tips as well as an advice section from previous crowdfunders.

What To Consider: Pozible has an “all or nothing” approach. Each project owner is forced to set a funding goal and time limit (from 1-90 days) for their idea. If you are unsuccessful in raising your goal during the set time period, all pledges are canceled and the funds are not transferred. If you are able to estimate your projected funding, then this will not be an issue, but the race against time could deter you from your ultimate goal.

Ideal User: Pozible is developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, social change makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organizers, and software developers. The platform brings the creative-minded together.

Cost: There is a standard service fee of 5% as of June 6, 2012. Fees only apply to successful projects.

Christie Street New Object-based Crowdfunding site Promises to Carefully Check Projects Out First!

When the disappointment of unfulfilled pledgers set in on Kickstarter, the notion was that something had to be done. I thought the solution would have been to better educate backers on the potential fallibility of the design process, but I realize that’s unrealistic, given how long it takes us ID’ers to learn what we know: Two to four years of school, the internships, the first few floundering projects executed as a freshly-minted designer.

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Crowdfunding: Investors at your fingertips

As an innovative means of raising funds, equity crowdfunding has emerged as an alternative solution for start-up and early stage businesses. Businesses looking for cashflow may not often think beyond the traditional types of funding. Bank loans, overdrafts, invoice financing and all manner of other solutions available from banks are naturally a first point of call for SMEs, and finding the right solution can ensure a business has the finance it needs for anything from day-to-day cashflow, to expansion or growth.

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SEC leadership change could further delay crowdfunding.

The piece originally appeared in The Washingtion Post

News of a leadership change at the Securities and Exchange Commission has some experts concerned that entrepreneurs may have to wait even longer for highly anticipated yet already delayed crowdfunding rules.

SEC chairman Mary L. Schapiro announced Monday that she will step down next month, and President Obama plans to elevate Elisse Walter, one of the agency’s Democratic commissioners, to fill the position. Walter can serve through December 2013, by which timethe president must nominate a permanent successor, who must then be approved by the Senate.

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Prosperity 2013 – January 5th Event

About the Event:

From opening your mind for success and abundance to funding your dreams with the help of family, friends and plenty of strangers, you’ll discover how to achieve the life you’ve always wanted to live with ease and integrity. No one can stop you! You have the power! Embrace life and everything that’s available to you.  It’s your time to THRIVE!

You’ll hear from experts on the art and science of success through a shift in mindset, empowerment, branding, positioning, crowdfunding and much more…

When, Where and What Will Happen…

  • When: January 5, 2013 (Plus optional VIP Friday night – Jan 4)
  • Where: Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612 (directly across from John Wayne Airport)
  • Saturday Event Registration Starts: 9:00 am
  • VIP Event Starts: 9:30 am Keynote Speakers will talk for about 45 minutes each PLUS Q&A time!
  • Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
  • Regular Ticket Holder Event Starts: 1:00 pm with full speaker lineup (see below)
  • Event ends: About 6:00 pm
  • Reception: After event gathering. Networking. No host bar, light appetizers.
  • VIP EXTRAS: You get the FULL day event with lunch included PLUS…
    a Friday night private Hypnosis Show by Mark Yuzuik!

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Platform Review: Rock The Post

Mashable Business

Summary: Rock The Post is a business social network and crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their start-up or small business by building a strong following and gathering funding. Entrepreneurs can post about their venture or idea and spread the word in an open forum to engage with like-minded individuals. Contributions can come in the form of pledges and/or investments.

Best Feature: The in-depth category list allows you to post your business idea specific to its industry. There are currently 36 different categories, many of which cannot be found on other crowdfunding platforms. The unique categories range from home and garden to real estate. By specifying your niche on Rock The Post, your chances of connecting will be maximized.

What To Consider: Although the site encourages collaboration and feedback on the open forum, posts require a detailed campaign with no holes or gaps, as well as a video pitch.

Ideal User: Small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their startup by gaining the support and feedback of like-minded individuals will benefit greatly from this open-forum platform.

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Cost: There is no cost for standard services.

What Does ‘Crowdfunding’ Mean for Pagosa?

Pagosa Daily Post

What Does ‘Crowdfunding’ Mean for Pagosa?

Muriel Eason | 11/29/12

What is Crowdfunding? It is a broad term and has multiple uses, but it is where a group of individuals independently decide that a project, a social cause or a small company is worth making a contribution or a loan to. If enough people come together to donate, the project gets funded and gets done. Typically, the project is described on the internet on a Crowdfunding platform created for the purpose. Crowdfunding gives the power to decide what is important and to get it done in the hands of individuals in the community. It gives people a chance to express their priorities by voting with their dollars — even small amounts.

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