Platform Review: Petridish

Summary: Petridish is a crowdfunding platform for scientists to showcase their research to the public and for the public to show recognition and support to innovative researchers in the form of monetary payments or pledges.

Best Feature: Petridish provides you with the opportunity to gain support of the next, life-changing scientific discovery. Your “backers” have the ability to email your project to family and friends, share your research on Twitter and Facebook, and even ‘star’ your findings as a favorite. With these simple links, your research has the ability to be shared and spread across the Internet quickly.

What To Consider: Projects are hand-selected, thus not everyone has a chance of showcasing their research. Also, similar to Pozible, Petridish uses an “all or nothing” approach in which projects are only funded if they meet their goal by the set deadline.

Ideal User: Scientific experts looking to share their passions with others in order to accumulate backers and funding worldwide. Petridish is for the “best of the best” in science, as only some projects will make the cut.

Cost: The site requires a 5% fee. Third-party credit card processing fees are also the responsibility of the researcher, which are typically 3 to 4%.

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