Crowdfund leader launches film crowdfunding management services, starting with eight films and top indie film companies such as MadChance.

 LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today David Marlett , working under his banner BlueRun Crowdfund, a division of BlueRun Media (BlueRun), announced the recent launch of the world’s first full crowdfunding services firm for the film industry,including announcing some of BlueRun’s current clients and eight ongoing or soon-to-start crowdfund campaigns.
“The success of Veronica Marswith crowdfunding has certainly placeda megawatt spotlight on the power of this funding source for somefilms,” said Marlett, a filmmaker, attorney and one of the leaders of thecrowdfunding industry. “It’s great to be helping our clients tap into thisexciting new resource and connection with their audience, especiallynow that we’re seeing a movement toward major talent involvement.”
“It’s great to be helping our clients tap into this exciting new resourceand connection with their audience, especially now that we’re seeing amovement toward major talent involvement.”

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